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Download PAD Software Database (1018KB)

Getting Started

NOTE: Your web host must provide both PHP and MySQL. It is also strongly recommended that you have both set up locally, for debugging. PADKit 2.00.06 - a free PAD enabled PHP / MySQL shareware download site kit from the ASP must be installed. The kit consists of many files, contained within the compressed archive


  • Make sure that you have php, mySQL and PADKit up and running at your web host.
  • Unzip the downloaded PAD Software Database file where your local machine's web service can run PHP and MySQL. You will get the following: Files in root directory: paddata.php (no modifications required); readme.txt
  • Point your web browser to http://www.[your domain]/paddata.php. Wait until you get the message "New software titles successfully added".
NOTE: If it doesn't work, pay attention to the error message you get. If you get the error message "Error connecting to the database server", change the dict.php file from PADKit to reflect the actual database user name, password, database name, and host name you have created ('$userid', '$userpassword', '$dbname' and '$dbhost' variables).

Security Considerations

Delete the paddata.php file once everything is up and running.

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